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Meet Gidget. She was born and raised here at Sebago Lake Ranch. She is 100% Polled Hereford and is also a 100% grass fed cow. She is thrilled to be part of our program...find out why!

So, one might ask. "What's so special about being a grass fed animal?" Let's hear what Gidget thinks of her lifestyle at Sebago Lake Ranch!

QUESTION: So Gidget, can you tell us what sets your grassfed lifestyle apart from other cows?

GIDGET: There is no comparison! Why on earth would I want to grow up on a feed lot, or have my calves grow up on anywhere but a sunny pasture? I get to spend all day eating a salad bar of grasses and helping revitalize the land I graze. Not to mention watch my calves rest peacefully in the pasture.

QUESTION: Whats so bad about feedlots?

GIDGET: Well, I for one can't stand the thought of standing in a feedlot 24/7 with no grass in sight, and being forced to eat all that corn from a bunker which really messes up a cow's digestive system. Oh, I can't even think what that would SMELL like! The flies must be horrid...

QUESTION: Ok, so why is it that a grass fed animal is better for the land?

GIDGET: Well, our farmer is constantly rotating our pasture on a daily basis. We are always moving and therefore 'recycling' the nutrients back into the land we graze. We graze everything down, including weeds. It's really impressive to see the run down feilds we have grazed spring back to lush pastureland. It is such a natural process. Properly managed grazing does amazing things for both the land and the animals.

QUESTION: OK, so even a grass fed cow must eat grain when the snow flies, right?

GIDGET: Oh no! I don't need any grain. We eat plenty of Maine raised hay when the snows are deep. Surprising to many is also the fact that we get pastured on stockpiled grasses and graze through the snow. Stockpiled grass is fall pasture that is left to grow so that when the snow falls, we can push our noses through the snow and still spend the day grazing. It's really wonderful, and we think our farmer in pretty smart for doing this!

QUESTION: So what does all natural mean at Sebago Lake Ranch?

GIDGET: Well, we do not get treated with growth hormones. Growth hormones speed up how quickly we would gain weight, meaning faster production of meat. Our farmer dosen't beleive this makes a healthier product though. He takes the time to let us grow and absorb all the good things from the sun and grasses. He might make more money if we grew faster, but he tells me that just isn't the best thing for us or the people that buy his meat.

QUESTION: Ok, so WHY is grass fed meat better for everyone?

GIDGET: Well, it's better for us cows becuase we have a much better quality of life. That is a no brainer. It's better for our farmer as he can be a better care taker of the lands he uses. Properly grazed pastures always spring back up lusher and more weed free than if mowed or left to grow and go to seed. Lastly, the meats and eggs of pasture rasied animals are really how nature designed them to be. Higher in Omega 3's, CLA's and even more flavourful. Did you know that many gourmet chef's even have special recipes for eggs based on the season as that can determine so much of the how the egg yolk 'behaves'? Pasture raised meats are healthy enough that many customers have had their Doctor's OK red meats- as long as they are GRASS FED. I could just go on about how great it all is!

Do you have a question for Gidget? Email her, and look for the answer on this page. Or...see for yourself how our cows live in our video below, showing our expectant mother cows getting moved into a new section of pasture.

Ben Hartwell
Gorham, ME

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